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Technology Partners



We combine our expertise with carefully selected technology partners in the industry to offer innovative business solutions to our customers.





Nintex has easy-to-use but very robust capabilities for building and managing workflows in SharePoint that automate and streamline sophisticated business processes and help deliver projects on time, on budget and with fewer opportunities for error, miscommunication, or wasted time.


Nintex Forms makes it possible to create dynamic online forms for SharePoint lists. User-friendly design canvas, drag-and-drop controls, and advanced business logic make it easy to customize forms for every business need.

Nintex is one of the easiest solutions for your business users to learn and use themselves. This makes it a powerful tool for the technology team to empower business users to automate simple processes with minimal support from the IT team. 




AvePoint Compliance Guardian has tools for Enterprise Risk Management, Data Validation and Classification, and Data Protection and Incident Management.


With all-in-one scanning, reporting, and built-in issues resolution, AvePoint Compliance Guardian proactively monitors and neutralizes violations of privacy, security, and compliance to help you mitigate risk from the moment data is created, throughout its entire lifecycle. Bring automation to your privacy and security programs across your enterprise content—whether they live on-premise or in cloud environments. Satisfy internal or external requirements and standards, such as ISO or GDPR, for information management and data governance!




Sharegate tools makes it possible to bet better visibility and make decisions in your SharePoint environments. Sharegate's built-in reports help you follow management best practices in your environment. View user and group permissions, list all the content of your site collections, view all unused sites, and more. If these reports don't fit your business needs, then build one yourself, schedule it, and take action on the results.

Sharegate helps you keep your sensitive information secure by letting you know who has access to what by scheduling, running, and exporting Sharegate's Permissions Matrix Report, which gives a full overview of permissions on all objects and sites in your environment. Modify permissions if internal or external users have access to things they shouldn't.

Sharegate helps you make sense of those pesky SharePoint Audit Logs by keeping a clear display of all critical user activities in the Sharegate Audit Report. See which changes were made across your environment and monitor it daily by scheduling or automating the report.




K2 blackpearl allows people to build and run business applications, including forms, workflow, data analysis, and reporting. K2 natively integrates with SharePoint, Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and more. It uses visual tools to build reusable components that utilize LOB and web-based data. K2’s SmartObjects provide a single view of business entities and are easily configured to connect to nearly any system within an enterprise or on the web.


K2 blackpearl is one of the only Microsoft partners with a workflow tool that Microsoft actually uses internally. It is capable of tackling the most challenging workflow and business transformation needs..





Metalogix Content Matrix handles complex migrations and consolidates file shares quickly without disruption to your organization. Reallocate content across multiple different virtual or physical environments to gain the maximum possible throughput during a migration. Move massive amounts of content with zero downtime and unlimited site and content movement.


Metalogix Intelligent Migration analyzes your environment prior to any migration efforts and leverages a user-friendly wizard interface that assesses and migrates your content with maximum throughput. SharePoint admins can easily understand the desired end-state of their environment and implement that vision with a successful migration strategy.



Bamboo Solution's portfolio of Web Parts enables us to extend SharePoint beyond its out-of-box capabilities by tailoring it to our customers' requirements. SharePoint includes default Web Parts as well as the ability to build or buy custom Web Parts such as those from Bamboo Solutions.

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